At All Equipment Appraisals, we understand that not all assignments require an attendance. To assist in cutting costs and expediting results, AEA will offer consultations and valuations through electronic medium.

With technology at our disposal, our technical specialists will be able to contact the client; the shop involved, and discern the facts required to complete the assignment.

E-Appraisals will save you time and money while offering you the assistance of trained trades people with technical experience in determining the value of the loss. We would be pleased to discuss this process with you upon request.



Whether we are attending or conducting an E-Appraisal, we can provide the Actual Cash Value (ACV), the Replacement Cost (R/C), and/or Liquidation (Auction) value of any mobile or stationary agricultural or heavy equipment, highway truck and transport, recreational vehicles and/or motorsports.

The methodology used will vary but may consist of a Market search, printed publications and dealer opinions. We use a consistent approach to depreciation and betterment, while considering Market variances based on geographical locations and seasonal considerations.

All Equipment Appraisals will ensure the value stated is accurate in respect to the industry, location and time of the loss.

Damage Appraisals

All of our Appraisers are Journeyman Technicians in their respective trades. As trades people, we understand the functions of the vehicle or equipment which is subject of the loss. We work with repair shops to discern the related damage, the normal wear and report any  deficiencies.

Betterment and Depreciation is easily discussed and agreed to with all parties involved. We can supervise the repair process and keep you apprised of any hidden damages and/or maintenance work performed during the repairs.

Our damage appraisals are written in a clear work order format and/or through the Mitchell format.

Male engineer with flashlight inspecting steel cylinder
Mechanical Failure

Failure Analysis

Through years of experience, training and certification through the Caterpillar Applied Failure Analysis Program, our Technicians can investigate and reconstruct an occurrence and determine the actual cause of loss. The root cause may be mechanical in nature and may require a full analysis of the components left.

We have the ability to discern the cause of loss to diesel engines, hydraulic and hydrostatic systems, transmissions, planetaries, differentials and structural failures of any type.

Ray Lamarche is recognized in the legal system as an expert witness in this field.

Origin and Cause

As a Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator and Fire and Explosion Investigator with the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI), Ray Lamarche offers a comprehensive investigation on any and all vehicle and equipment fires. Ray has been the lead investigator in well over 100 fires with several recoveries as a result of the findings.

As a Journeyman Technician in both the Heavy Duty and Agricultural Trades, Ray has a comprehensive knowledge of the mechanical components involved in equipment fires. This knowledge accompanied with years of experience and training means you get service and skill that is recognized throughout the industry.

Burnt Tractor

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