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Ray Lamarche

Ray Lamarche


(306) 290-9185

Ray was born and raised in Eastern Canada and is fluent in French and English.  He established his home on an acreage outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and has been married to Susan for the last 35 years and they have three grown children.

Ray started operations under All Equipment Appraisals Ltd. in January 2008 following 16 years of adjusting as an equipment specialist in Saskatchewan.

As a Journeyman Agricultural Machinery Technician and an Interprovincial Journeyman in the Heavy-Duty Trade, Ray offers comprehensive knowledge of various types of equipment.  Ray is crossed trained in the Heavy Truck field and spent some time in British Columbia performing Fleet Maintenance and Highway Safety Inspections.

With over 29 years of servicing the Insurance Industry, Ray is a Chartered Insurance Professional and is also an accredited Canadian Personal Property Appraiser.  Ray offers investigations with respect to Mechanical Failure Analysis and will coordinate information to provide Metallurgical Services when required.  A reliable opinion is offered, along with supporting documentation in respect to diesel engine, power trains and hydraulic system failures in all equipment fields.  Ray has been trained in Applied Failure Analysis with the Caterpillar Program.

As a recognized Fire Investigator with the International Association of Arson Investigators and a member of the National Association of Fire Investigators, Ray holds his Certifications in Fire and Explosions and Vehicle Fires.  With his experience as lead investigator in well over 100 fires and his Professional Training, Ray offers Origin and Cause Investigations while focussed on mobile and industrial equipment fires.

Recognizing his knowledge and expertise, Ray has been invited to present Agricultural Equipment Workshops throughout the Provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta and has worked with the Office of the Fire Commissioners presenting Fire Investigation Seminars.

Through years of experience, Ray has some Court experience, has participated in Mediation Meetings and has represented clients as Appraiser and Umpire in dispute resolution through the Appraisal Process of the Insurance Act.

Jim Deck

Jim Deck


(306) 290-9269

Jim was born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan.  Jim married and moved to Saskatoon in 1979 with his wife Laura, together they have 2 boys and a girl and 7 grandchildren.  Jim has always been very active in sports and attained his level two coaching certificate.  Jim coached and managed teams that went on to city, provincial and national championships.  His leadership skills complemented his competency in sports.

Jim attended College in Moose Jaw in 1976 to train as an auto body technician and achieved his Journeyman Certificate that he still holds today.  Through his years of experience, Jim was a co-owner of a body shop and finished his 35-year career as a body shop Production Manager in a large Saskatoon shop.

Jim trained in the automotive repair industry and has extensive Heavy Truck body repair experience.  He has worked hands on with lead, body filler, fiberglass and plastics.  He is also trained in frame alignment, straightening, splicing, sectioning and replacing.  His extensive understanding of painting practices makes him an expert in the trade.

Recognizing his professionalism and skills, Jim was asked to sit on the first Saskatchewan Heavy Truck Technical Committee, assisting the group in setting a foundation for the Heavy Truck repair procedures accepted by SGI Canada.

Jim joined All Equipment Appraisals Ltd. in the summer of 2011 and is now dedicated to serving the Insurance Industry and offers his Journeyman Trade experience in assessing Heavy Truck and Trailer damages and values.  He is a valuable asset in determining body damages in automotive, recreational vehicles, motorsports vehicles, and gel coat fiberglass applications along with any specialized paint applications.  When required, Jim has been cross trained to appraise in the AG and Construction Equipment fields.


Kevin Enns


(306) 221-0404

Kevin grew up in Osler, Saskatchewan, he has been married for 13 years to Caitlin, his wife and they have two children.  Together they enjoy acreage life and spending summer weekends at the lake.

Growing up he had a passion in automobiles and anything mechanical. Working on cars or tinkering on gadgets with friends was a typical past time for him.  Upon graduating high-school Kevin decided to pursue a career in the Truck and Transportation / Heavy Duty Equipment Industry as a Technician and achieved his Red Seal Journeyman status in 2011.

Kevin worked at a Leading Transportation Company in Saskatoon for 11 years giving him extensive experience and confidence as a technician in the industry.  Kevin is also certified as a Provincial Highway Transportation Safety Inspector, as well as a M5/B620 Tank Inspector including confined space.  During his time in the mechanical shop, his leadership skills allowed him the opportunity to serve as Chairman of the OH&S, Treasurer of Mechanic Association and Lead hand.

Kevin has his credentials and is in good standing with the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPA).

Kevin joined All Equipment Appraisals Ltd. 3yrs ago and has served as a proficient Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Appraiser.  Kevin is cross trained in the Heavy Truck and Recreational equipment fields.  His future goals include training in the Mechanical Failure Analysis field.


Russell Martens


(306) 715-3009

Russell was born and raised on a farm in Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan. He has been married for 7 years to Jacoba, his wife.  Russell has always been around equipment and was trained on the proper operation as he grew up.  His interest at a young age was with motorcycles and snowmobiles and as he grew passionate in the mechanical field, he learned how to repair engines and other mechanical components throughout the years.

Russell trained in Saskatoon in the Heavy Equipment Technician trade and achieved his Red Seal Journeyman status.  He holds a 1A license with an M endorsement, making him a competent operator for Heavy Trucks along with his experience in Agricultural and Heavy Equipment.

Russell brings 8yrs of experience as a road technician and shop foreman in a leading agricultural dealership in Saskatchewan.  Russell also continues to farm and enjoys his hobbies in Snowmobiling and overhauling / modifying trucks, bikes and trikes.

Russell joins All Equipment Appraisals Ltd. in 2020 as an Appraiser and offers extensive knowledge in the Equipment and Truck fields.

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